Advancing racial equity in Latin America: the opportunities and challenges of fiscal policy

We'll address the existing intersections between fiscal policies and racial justice, and the relevance of designing and implementing fiscal policies towards the achievement of substantive equality. 

Carlos Viáfara (Project Coordinator, Visión Afro 2025- CIDCE, Universidad del Valle, Colombia)
Sofía Garzón (Coordinator, Observatorio de Violencias Basada en Género contra personas Afrodescendientes "Vigía Afro")
Allyne Andrade e Silva (Juris Doctor by Universidad de São Paulo, expert on critical race theory)
Fabiana Del Popolo (Chief of Area at the Division of Population Affairs- ECLAC)

Daniel Gómez- Mazo (Co Founder- ILEX- Acción jurídica)

Time: 4PM Bogotá- Lima-CDMX/ 5PM NY- Santiago/ 6PM Sao Paulo- Buenos Aires/ 11PM Madrid 

Organizers: Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)- ILEX Acción jurídica 

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