Taxes in the spotlight: fiscal transparency and human rights

Why is fiscal transparency so crucial for the realization of human rights? As well as answering this question, this session will focus on tax secrecy regulations, the challenges they present for advancing rights throughout the region and tensions with the right to access public information.  


Paolo De Renzio (Researcher at International Budget Partnership)
Israel Santos Flores (Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas - UNAM)
María Emilia Mamberti  (CESR)

Moderation: Haydeé Pérez Garrido (Directora Ejecutiva - Fundar) 

Time: 4PM Bogotá- Lima-CDMX/ 5PM NY- Santiago / 6PM Sao Paulo- Buenos Aires/ 11PM Madrid 

Organizers: Fundar e Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas-UNAM

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