Fiscal Policy and the Right to Housing 

We'll discuss the role that fiscal policies have in regulating access to adequate housing and a decent living environment. Particularly, we'll address the relevance of redistributing land and property rents to ensure a comprehensive approach to unfair access to habitat and housing.   

Guadalupe Granero (Researcher at Centro de Estudios del Hábitat y la Vivienda de la UBA)
Rud Rafael (Coordinator of Movimiento de los Sin Techo, Brasil)
Leilani Farha (former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing ) 

Luna Miguens (CELS) 

Time: 3PM Bogotá- Lima-CDMX/ 4PM NY- Santiago/ 5PM Sao Paulo- Buenos Aires/ 10PM Madrid 

Organizer: CELS 

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